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How did I get here and why?......

I last worked as a professional some 25 odd years back, had a long break doing nothing photgraphic at all, but then got back into photography following the birth of my daughter, who is now seven, because I bought a 'point and shoot' digital camera to record her early progress.

I quickly moved on to a DSLR and then the need to create images overwhelmed me and I started to take pictures of other subjects for the simple pleasure of doing so. After a couple of years, I moved up to a full frame DSLR that resulted in a rapid growth in the number of pictures I was taking.

Inevitably an individual progresses as an artist and last autumn, I felt the need to 'go back to roots'and so I bought second hand Hasselblad MF roll FILM camera, similar to those I had used as a Pro many years before. More recently, at a visit to a locally staged Hasselblad 'Studio Day', I had the chance to use a digital back with my 'V' series camera and lenses. I was staggered to see the quality of the images that could be taken with this set-up. Despite the fact that I was using a 15/20 year old camera with lenses of a similar age, the outstanding ability of those Zeiss lenses to record wonderful images shone through. I decided that, while I intended to continue to use film, a purchase of a suitable digital back would be the best way forward, combining classic design and build quality with contemporary image creation and workflow. Through the assistance of ProCenter in London, I bought an ex-demo CFV-39.

I am delighted and amazed to say that I haven't used film since for my personal work and the DSLR I did have is history.

Therefore I am displaying here the results of some of that work (both digital and some film).

I hope you enjoy my images and feel free to contact me should you wish to purchase any of the images shown or indeed commission work from me.

Mike Bondartschuk
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